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Swoon Cards: The Perfect Game for Modern Dating

Swoon Cards: The Perfect Game for Modern Dating

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You know what you're looking for. Swoon helps you find out if they're sitting right in front of you. Inspired by the NY Times article “36 Questions that lead to love” our goal was to create a product that would enhance our own dating lives, help other people find love, and create a culture around being open & real in romantic relationships. We wanted to take modern dating beyond swiping and create a fun & engaging game to develop connection and communication while staying present in the moment. We believe life is better when you’re in love, vulnerability is your superpower, and every date should be an opportunity to learn something new about your partner.

  • With four different categories of questions, you can choose your own adventure and spice up the standard dating script.
  • Find out if you’re a real match right away instead of waiting years to discover they’re all wrong for you.
  • Swoon helps you skip the small talk and get below the surface.
  • Learn about their values, strike up some compelling banter, explore intimacy, and dive into deeper feelings.
  • Take the pressure off asking difficult questions—Swoon guides the conversation.


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